I’m from Iceland, a small Island in the North Atlantic Ocean with a population of only 320.000 people, beautiful nature and harsh living conditions (at least for previous generations who didn’t have our modern comforts). I, like most Icelanders, am very proud of being Icelandic but when it comes to being a startup founder I must be careful not to let that interfere with my business adventures.

For most entrepreneurs taking the step of stop thinking of themselves as local entrepreneurs and start thinking of themselves as international entrepreneurs is a very big step. Because becoming international means you must be willing to work anywhere in the world and put the geographical needs of your company a head of your own.

Now you might be really lucky and be located in a place that is ideal for you business with customers, investors, partners or whoever you need close by but if that is not the case then you must be willing to move.

Most of us have families, financial obligations, friends and if you’re starting a business, most likely not a lot of money. So having to move to a completely different part of the world can be daunting but if you want to evolve as an entrepreneur and become truly successful then you must be willing to do whatever it takes.

The vikings sailed the dangerous seas through harsh conditions with the goals of improving their lives, now it’s your turn!