So I recently exited my startup, which I had been working on for almost 7 years. It wasn’t one of those amazing Silicon Valley exits, in fact most exits that I know of aren’t anything I would call amazing, but they are ends, ends to a long and difficult journey.

So now, for the first time in a very very long time I am free to do whatever I want. Understandably my mind starts soaring all over the place, thinking of all the businesses I could create but strangely enough I made the decision not to go into another business venture but to instead seek employment.

At first when I thought about employment I felt like slapping myself in the face with a bat, how could I even think such a bizarre thought. I was a founder, an entrepreneur, a creator of things and businesses… but then I realised, it’s time for a change.

Over the last few years I have evolved so much as an individual, I have gone from an obsessive founder who lived for his business 24/7 to a person with a much more fulfilling life, with family, friends and hobbies. Now I want to work somewhere where I can have a balance between life and work.

Hopefully I will be able to find a place where all the experiences I’ve built up through my entrepreneurial ventures will be useful. I’m ready to become part of a great team.