I think one of the most important things for a person to do in this life is realize who they really are and what they want to get out of this life. The only way to experience true happiness in life is by knowing what you want.

But it is not easy to find yourself when society is always pushing you to adapt, to conform, to be normal. And the search doesn’t stop just because you get older, it actually gets more difficult as you get older. With every year there come more responsibilites and more roads intertwining into the norm.

When I started my first company I was following a dream of becoming self-employed it was difficult because it was not the normal way and no one of my family or friends had done it before so I had to climb over the wall of doubts that my surroundings had built. But that is also why I love running a company as much as I do because for me it is a big step in the direction of finding my true meaning in life.

But now I stand in front of a quandary because as I look around myself I see that I am starting to conform to normal business instead of creating my own way of doing things.

The people I look up to today are the people that hava a personality, the people that are themselves and not in any way trying to adapt themselves to what society thinks they should act like. I think it is more enjoyable to live life with a personality. I want to hang with people with personalities, I want to run a company that has a personality, I want to have a personality.

But I guess it is up to us if we want to have personalities or not.

And yes I realize that Dr. House is not a real person, I just wanted to add his picture because I just watched a episode with him and he was really cool 🙂