cash registerI just love how much of a nerd I can be sometimes. A few months back I connected the sales on my website with my cell phone so that every time I make a sale on my website I get a SMS informing me of it. I think it is very important to always know exactly what is going on in my business at every time and this has given me a much better feeling for everything that happens.

I thought that just connecting the sales system to my phone was nerdy but now I have taken it one step further after I updated my SMS tones in my iPhone and connected a cash register sound to the SMS that come from my company. So now every time I make a sale I hear a chaaa-ching! sound coming from my phone. Wow, I love these kind of small details 🙂

So if you ever hear chaaa-ching! coming from my phone you know that it is just me making money hehehe 🙂