“If You Want To Go Fast, Go Alone. If You Want To Go Far, Go Together”

It’s very important to be humble, know when you can’t do things by yourself and then be unafraid of asking for help.

I have currently hit a wall in the sense that my company has been growing and I am no longer able to take care of all the work that I once did. Even if I put in 15 hour workdays I am not able to finish my todo lists and I feel like I don’t have as good of an overview of the business any more. This means I have to hire people to strengthen my team but I need funding to do that and seeking funding takes more of my time. So literally I need more time to fix my problem of not having any time. hmm….

So this is a problem that every entrepreneur knows, being stuck in the process because there is a gap that you can’t jump by yourself. Many people panic here or give up because the gap seems insurmountable but I just figured out the secret with bridging these kind of gaps…. ask for help!

The fact is that no one will help you unless you are willing to ask for their help. In most cases you will be pleasently surpriced at how many people will want to help you.

So next time your standing in front of an insurmountable gap ask someone for help!