I just moved into an apartment yesterday that I can actually call my home.

For most people that isn’t a big deal but it is for me, because I have over the last 10 years sacrificed comfort for the possibility of creating a successful company. I have literally put every cent I have had into investing in the businesses I have had over the years and in my own improvements as an entrepreneur. Not paying yourself salary for months or years at a time can take it’s toll and for me one of those tolls was that I really haven’t had any real home for the past years. I have rented rooms here and there for a few months at a time and I even slept in a storage space for a few nights because I couldn’t afford anywhere else to live. The closest I have come to having a home was probably a 23 square meter apartment that I lived in for 12 months which at the time was, in my eyes, a real luxury.

Then when I expanded my company into a new country I was actually homeless in two countries since I was traveling between both countries and didn’t always have a place to stay so I spent a lot of time in cheap hotel rooms.

Today I am glad that I did it this way because I have learned so much and appreciate everything I have so much more. You should always fight for what you want to get in life and not let anyone tell you that you can’t achieve it. I probably can’t say that I have become successful yet but I have been able to build up a valuable company, done some investing and I now have a home and I don’t have to worry about not having enough money to survive the week.