Hey, my name is Haukur Gudjonsson and I am an entrepreneur from Iceland. Most of my time goes into working on my startup called Bungalo but I also teach and hold lectures about starting up your own company.


The Homeless CEO

I just moved into an apartment yesterday that I can actually call my home. For most people that isn’t a big deal but it is for me, because I have over the last 10 years sacrificed comfort for the possibility of creating a successful company. I have literally put every cent I have had into investing […]

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Paint your logo on the wall!

There is a catchphrase that is often used with early stage startups that I really do like.. “fake it, till you make it” It’s one of those things that has much more wisdom to it then the six words would suggest. Sometimes you just have to act as if you were a bit further into the […]

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On the edge in Iceland

Thriving on the edge or falling into the abyss

The only way to build up a successful startup is by always stretching your and your company’s limits, so you must start becoming comfortable with living on the edge. I remember 15 years ago when I felt horrible if I owed even a single dollar or if I didn’t have all my financials neatly set up in Excel and […]

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17 things I learned from a Business Accelerator

Recently I signed up for a business accelerator here in Canada and to tell you the truth I was very hesitant at the beginning. I had been working on my business for 4 years so the company was already profitable and I was afraid that I was too far into the process for my business to […]

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Unique Business Cards

I just got my new business cards from the printers and I feel like they’re awesome. We wanted to do something different that would really reflect our company and we felt like nothing reflected our company better then the cottages we’re renting out and the natural beauty around them. So each one of our business […]

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Celebrating Progress

For these past few weeks I’ve have been fighting with some fatigue as there has been much going on in my startup, a lot of stress and problems that needed my attention. Like so often when I’m in this condition I started mumbling to myself about how slowly things were going and doubting my process […]

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What mentor should you listen to?

In the last few years I have been lucky enough to get to mentor in a lot of different events and meet successful mentors from all over the world. There are few things that I enjoy more than mentoring and sharing my experience but what I find interesting about these mentoring sessions is that when […]

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Where to spend the dollar?

In most cases startups have very limited funding to work with and must utilize every dollar they get to make sure that their startup will survive. Let’s say your running a early stage startup and I give you X amount of money, for the sake of the article’s title let’s say I give you a […]

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The Entrepreneur’s Marathon

All of you that have your own business know how everything happens slowly and with great effort. It’s fairly easy to compare running a business with running a marathon, you start running slowly and confidently with the end in mind and slowly build up a steady pace. To begin with this is pretty easy and fun but […]

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Accelerating Startups in Iceland

It is funny how everything always seems to happen at the same time, the startup scene in Iceland is no exception. Although I have felt like the number of startups has grown quite a bit over the past few years in Reykjavik there are still times where I feel like not much is happening. But […]

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Success Demands Commitment

So you have started your own business and are working on expanding it but how likely will you actually be in making it a success? It’s never easy to judge if a business will do well or not, even if you have done all the research, talked with all the right people, have all the […]

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The Crazy Ones

It was my birthday yesterday and one of my good friends sent me Apple’s video “the crazy ones” along with birthday greetings. This is one of my favorite videos of all times as this is one of the few videos that celebrates the peculiarities and the craziness of leaders and world changers. For at least […]

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Continued Goal Setting

“A goal without a plan is just a wish.” For the last few years I have put a lot of effort into creating goals for the upcoming year. Every year I have started sooner and sooner to have enough time to create the ideal goals for me. This year I am beginning a month before […]

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Networking cards

As a person that goes to many startup events I end up collecting hundreds of business cards from all kinds of businesses. Soon all the business cards start to seem the same and I think it can be difficult for people to differentiate their cards from all the others. So on the few occasions that […]

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Successful people are good people

I am always amazed when I meet successful people from all over the world that almost without exception they have one thing in common, they are all really good people. I remember when I was first starting of in business I thought you had to be really tough person that doesn’t take no shit from […]

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Black Ant copy

What is success?

I, like so many of you, want to become successful but what does it really mean to become successful and can you use the word in a general and/or entirety context? Or can it perhaps only be used in context with a single endeavor. Society teaches us that success can be found in a good […]

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First impression of Austin Texas

I have only been in Austin Texas for about 12 hours and I wasn’t going to write anything about it until I had spent some more time here but I felt like I should tell you about what I had experienced so far. It has to be one of my favorite cities so far as […]

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Visiting New York City is a great way to get inspired and motivated to continue working on your goals. Staying in the city completely redefined my sense of scale, specially since I come from a small city like Reykjavik. There are about 8,4 million people living in New York versus just about 160 thousand in […]

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The misunderstood art of networking

I have talked a lot about the importance of networking over the years and even wrote a post about it called networking online. However my understanding of this phenomenon has changed in the past few years and I now realize that I completely misunderstood it in the beginning. Or at least I like my current […]

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What I learned about leadership from the Icelandic Rescue Team

A year ago I signed up for the Icelandic Rescue team, a decision that ended up being one of the better ones I have made in later years. The rescue team is a large group of volunteers that have the mission of helping people in dangerous and difficult situations often where the police, paramedics and […]

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The rise of startups in Iceland

Having followed the startup ecosystem in Iceland closely over the past few years I have gotten a good overview of the changes that have occured. When I first started following it, it was almost non existing but during the past 5 years it has grown and has now become a very active society of entrepreneurs. […]

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The 168 Hour Work Week

Tim Ferris wrote an interesting book called the “four hour work week“, the book became very popular and it was well deserved as this is a great book. The book however reflects the lazy mindset that the majority of people seem to have in the Western world. Everyone wants to be rich but few are […]

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2 books that changed my life

I absolutely love books, even though I am slow reader and hardly ever give myself time to read. But those few times where I am actually able to read a good book are fantastic. Books used properly, change lifes. So here are 2 books that influenced my life in a big way. 1. Real Estate Riches […]

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do one thing

Do one thing and do it well

A few years ago I was like so many other young men experimenting with different ways of making money and working independently. I tried a lot of different things such as buying and selling cars, Internet businesses, stocks, franchises, buying stuff in bulk and selling at my local flea market, real estate, service companies and […]

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Business Philosophy

In business it is important to be philosophical and think about why your in business and what you want to get out of it. Business isn’t just about making money, for most founders there is a much deeper reason for why they do what they do. Some of us have the need to create, others […]

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Investor Day at Startup Reykjavik

This Friday Startup Reykjavik has their Investor day. The 10 teams having spent the last 3 months working hard on preparing there business ideas to be introduced to investors will finally get there change with the investors. If you have any interest in investing in innovation in Iceland you should definitely look into this event. […]

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A conversation with myself 10 years in the past.

I just finished wathcing a youtube video entitled “A Conversation With My 12 Year Old Self”. In the video the filmmaker takes an old video of himself when he was 12 years old and mixes it with video of himself 20 years later. The outcome is a very funny and interesting conversation between the same […]

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Iceland’s First Startup Accelerator

Startup Reykjavik is the name of Iceland’s first startup accelerator. This is in my opinion a very big step for the icelandic startup environment and two weeks into the project everything seems to be going very well. The process is simple, 10 business teams are chosen to take part in this 10 week project and in […]

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Extreme Drive and a Hard Punch

I sometime feel like there might be something wrong with me because I have this extreme drive to succeed in life. This feeling has lived within my soul for as long as I can remember, I feel like I have to become successful and that it is my mission in life to do something positive […]

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I just love how much of a nerd I can be sometimes. A few months back I connected the sales on my website with my cell phone so that every time I make a sale on my website I get a SMS informing me of it. I think it is very important to always know […]


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